Michael Jackson Dance Prank

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Michael Jackson Dance Prank

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 5. Jul 2014, 20:43

Here’s a wonderfully put together video created by OLegendStudios and Stuart Edge.
Published on Jun 25, 2014

Long live the King Of Pop.
Follow Stuart on twitter @stuart_edge http://bit.ly/stuwitter

Note From Stuart:

I have always been a huge Michael Jackson fan. I decided to hit up the street of NYC and dance with my headphones in. I later found some wireless headphones that allowed me to have multiple people listening at once. I started passing them out while I was dancing so people could enter “my world”. I am very please with how this turned out, and the overall feeling I get from it is so feel good.

Thanks to OLegendStudios for helping me film! Check out their hilarious pranks here: http://bit.ly/1e4ZyoT

Edited by Stuart Edge
Filmed by OLegendStudios and RJ Idos

For business stuff or permission to use the video: stuartedgellc@gmail.com

www.youtube.com Video From : www.youtube.com

Quelle: MJ-Upbeat.com
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