Dr. Murray Keeps Nevada Medical License

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Dr. Murray Keeps Nevada Medical License

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 15. Feb 2011, 22:00

Conrad Murray just cashed in on some Vegas luck -- because TMZ has learned he can keep practicing medicine in Nevada.
Sources at the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners tell us ... "Nevada law does not currently allow us to swipe his license just because a judge ruled on it."
As we previously reported -- Murray's California medical license was recently suspended as a condition of bail in his manslaughter case.
The Texas Medical Board has yet to decide what to do with the Doc's license.

Quelle: http://www.tmz.com/2011/02/15/conrad-murray-michael-jackson-medical-license-texas-nevada-california-manslaughter/

Wie kann man ihm immer noch erlauben Patienten zu behandeln????
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