Michael's Koch erinnert sich...

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Michael's Koch erinnert sich...

Beitragvon Mjj forever » 10. Jul 2010, 13:29

ich war eigentlich auf der Suche nach Michaels Lieblingseiscreme und habe diesen Artikel gefunden.

Viel Spaß beim lesen

Viele Grüße

Michael Jackson’s personal chef remembers him fondly
Larry Banares, a local chef, served as Michael Jackson's personal chef and knew him well.

Michael Jackson loved Disneyland so much he called his home Neverland Ranch. But his home away from home was the Disneyland Hotel and his Executive Chef for many years there was Chef Larry Banares.
San Diego 6 News caught up with Banares on Thursday. He shared some unique and memorable stories from his days with Jackson.
“His music — it changed the world.” Banares loved to remember the times he spent with Jackson, “How he grew up with us — I’m 51, one year older than Michael.”
Chef Banares loved Jackson’s music, just as Jackson loved his food. “Michael had come back and caught the aroma and says, ‘Oh — this smells so good.”
Banares, an executive chef with the La Jolla Hilton at Torrey Pines, said Jackson’s most enduring trait was his kindness. “He grabbed me on the arm and goes, ‘You’re gonna be dining with us tonight. I’m inviting you to sit down with us.’ Just was very honored to be in his presence.”
It was that presence that also created stories like this. Banares says, “One of his handlers had come to me and said, ‘Chef, everything ready?’ Yeah. ‘Everything looks good except for — are you guys bringing dessert tonight?’”
Jackson wanted ice cream, but it was left out and had melted, so his handlers took control. “He says, ‘Not to worry. I have a pint of Michael’s favorite ice cream coming and it’s going to be delivered via helicopter from Reseda.’ So, you talk about special treatment? Having a pint of ice cream flown to you via helicopter, landing on the top of one our towers at the hotel just in time for Michael’s enjoyment?”
For Banares, Jackson’s death is a call to action to leave the world a better place then he found it. “We’re here for a short amount of time and that we should all do our best to impart what we want to do — what we want to contribute to this world while we’re here.”

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