MJ's "silly" side: He liked to play practical jokes

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MJ's "silly" side: He liked to play practical jokes

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 15. Okt 2011, 21:55

Habe einen Bericht über Michael gefunden.
Leider in englisch.
Auf der Seite gibt es auch ein Video.

As the Conrad Murray trial barrels ahead, the infamous doctor isn’t the only one with a reputation at stake. The case has revealed an unflattering version of Michael Jackson as a drug-dependent man so wracked with demons that he couldn’t even clear his thoughts to fall asleep at night.

But when two of Michael’s longtime friends came to The Joy Behar Show, a much different picture emerged. Grammy-winning singer Patti Austin, who knew Michael for 30 years, told Joy about Jackson’s “hummingbird, never-stop energy. He was always on fire.” But the King of Pop also played the role of jester in the studio. Austin recalls Jackson’s “silly” sense of humor and his penchant for playing practical jokes.

And, of course, no discussion of Jackson’s eccentric side would be complete without mentioning his pet, Bubbles the Chimp. Jackson friend Flo Anthony recalls Bubbles “wasn’t always a nice little chimp when he first got there.” Though Bubbles was a dish-throwing, McDonald’s-scarfing terror early on, Michael learned to properly care for him, and soon the chimp was moonwalking for the media on Jackson’s Japan tour. (Now in his late 20s, Bubbles has retired to - where else? - Florida).

When given the full picture, it becomes apparent that Michael Jackson was a shy, complex man with incredible talents and incredible baggage. What seemed like odd behavior to many outsiders was often just his way of forging happiness from a life lacking any semblance of normalcy.

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