Blanket Jackson After Winning New Karate Belt

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Blanket Jackson After Winning New Karate Belt

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 10. Dez 2013, 20:04


By Jason Chester / PUBLISHED: 07:32 EST, 10 December 2013 | UPDATED: 07:44 EST, 10 December 2013

It was a proud day for the Jackson clan, but while tragic father Michael wasn’t present to witness youngest son Blanket on his big day, grandmother Katherine more than made up the numbers.

The Jackson matriarch watched the 11-year-old make the transition from blue to violet belt at his local karate school, and promptly rewarded him for his efforts with ice cream at a local restaurant.

Blanket – real name Prince Michael Jackson II – was joined by a group of close friends and family members, amongst them older brother Prince Michael, 16, and his pretty girlfriend Remi Alfalah.

The trio were spotted as they tucked into ice-cream at a local Baskin-Robbins after the youngest Jackson sibling picked up his latest belt.

But while the gang indulged, Katherine stoically abstained – opting instead to make her way home directly after the belt changing ceremony.


As she made her way home, Blanket was in high spirits as he hung out with his older brother at the Woodland Hills ice-cream parlour.

Prince, who practices Ju-Jitsu, is known to attend the renowned Gracie Academy in Beverly Hills – where there are only five belts to be earned in their colour hierarchy, and there’s no fast-tracking to move up ranks.

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Michael wäre bestimmt sehr Stolz auf ihn! :MJgif2:
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Re: Blanket Jackson After Winning New Karate Belt

Beitragvon Blackpearl » 10. Dez 2013, 23:17

ja das denke ich auch :jc_doubleup: ...aber um paris mache ich mich wirklich sorgen Bild
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