Diana Ross Wants To Adopt Michael’s ‘Abandoned’ Son

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Diana Ross Wants To Adopt Michael’s ‘Abandoned’ Son

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 24. Apr 2017, 21:33

Diana Ross Wants To Adopt Michael’s ‘Abandoned’ Son

The Singer wants to give 'Endless Love' to Blanket Jackson.

Pop diva Diana Ross is desperate to adopt Michael Jackson‘s youngest child, 15-year-old Blanket — and rescue him from being abandoned by his family, insiders say!

“Blanket has become a forgotten child, and Diana Ross wants to move the teen from California into her home in Greenwich, Conn.,” notes a friend.

“Diana spends enough time in Los Angeles that Blanket wouldn’t totally be uprooted; he could still spend time with his family. But she feels like Blanket could use a life change so he can realize his full potential.”

The high school freshman, whose full name is Prince Michael Jackson II, now has virtually no adult supervision at the Calabasas, Calif., home of his 87-year-old grandma, Katherine, sources say.

Katherine spent recent months in London with daughter Janet and her new son, Eissa, by estranged husband Wissam Al Mana.

“It’s a horrible situation — this really sweet young man is all alone in the world,” says a pal, noting Katherine rarely talks to Blanket.

Blanket’s co-guardian, cousin T.J., lives an hour away and can barely “check up on Blanket once a week or so,” the source adds.

Diana, 73, picked by Michael to watch his three kids after his death, “was absolutely horrified” to learn Blanket has been alone. His siblings, Prince, 20, and Paris, 19, are now living their own lives.

As Radar reported last week, Paris is worried about her kid brother’s lonely life.

Michael Jackson penned a will naming his Supreme pal as backup guardian to his kids if Katherine “is unable or unwilling to act as guardian.”

Diana is looking at her legal options.

“It breaks her heart to see what’s become of Blanket,” says a pal.
Quelle: radaronline.com
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Re: Diana Ross Wants To Adopt Michael’s ‘Abandoned’ Son

Beitragvon Manuka » 1. Mai 2017, 02:18

Das sind alles sehr seriöse Quellen. :biggrinn: Vermutlich weiß Diana gar nix davon. :boys_lol:
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