Dr. Patrick Treacy’s New Book : “Behind The Mask”

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Dr. Patrick Treacy’s New Book : “Behind The Mask”

Beitragvon Blackpearl » 5. Aug 2015, 16:57


Einen Bericht zum Buch und den Link zum Bestellen findet ihr hier:

Dr. Patrick Treacy’s New Book : “Behind The Mask”
(the Irishman who became Michael Jackson’s doctor)
August 4, 2015 LMJ

Dr. Patrick Treacy is publishing a new book, “Behind The Mask” on September 15. Treacy started as Michael’s personal dermatologist but got to know him as a friend. He has defended and appreciated Michael and his work many times in public. LMJ Magazine will read the book and do a review as soon as it becomes available to us. We are delighted that Dr. Treacy already shared the introduction of the book with LMJ and agreed to share it with our readers”:


“I have a story to tell, and if you follow me to the end of this book you will understand why I have decided to write it down. It is a story that exposes many personal intimacies, from my financial struggles as a young doctor, to my time as the personal dermatologist of the most recognised face in the universe, Michael Jackson. It is the story of how I got to know the singer as a friend and witnessed the personal agonies he suffered during the treatment of his vitiligo, of watching him cry as he took off his wig and showed me his scarred scalp. It is the story of how I smuggled cars to Turkey to finance my college studies and had to have a piece cut out of my leg to debride an HIV needle-stick from a Dublin heroin addict, in the days before there was any treatment for AIDS.

I never speak publicly about my patients, but in Michael’s case, I have decided to make an exception, because I want to defend him from his detractors. I want to show you the humane side of Michael Jackson, a person who always cared deeply about others – it’s a side of him that is not seen often enough in the media.

I want to show you the humane side of Michael Jackson, a person who always cared deeply about others – it’s a side of him that is not seen often enough in the media.

This story begins with my childhood in Garrison, a small village in rural County Fermanagh. In the early pages, I nearly lose my life in Northern Ireland’s ethno-political conflict, and I witness the death of our bread-delivery man, Jack McClenaghan, one spring day in May 1979. Retired from the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR), he was out making deliveries when the IRA motorcyclists fired their bullets. His next stop would have been our house.

…………………..This is not meant to be an autobiography, but a memoir. As you read it, we will stand together at the Berlin Wall on the night it falls, and in Moscow on the night the Soviet Union ends. You will see how I helped start a whole new field of medicine from a small room in an apartment in Dublin’s embassy belt, and how the rich and famous of the planet eventually came to that small room. You will hear how cosmetic medicine developed into its own speciality and how, within ten years, I was invited to lecture to doctors worldwide about techniques I had pioneered in Dublin. Later, you will hear how I weathered the Great Recession.

As Ben Franklin said, ‘Out of adversity comes opportunity,’ and I wrote this book largely as a means of filling the time that the recession created for me. It has been cathartic, cleansing my mind of some memories that had been haunting me. This is the story of my personal journey, of surviving life, of how I got to where I am.”

http://www.legendarymichaeljackson.nl/d ... agazine%29

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Neues Buch “Behind The Mask” von Dr. Patrick Treacy

Beitragvon Gabi-Maus » 30. Sep 2015, 18:13

Neues Buch “Behind The Mask” von Dr. Patrick Treacy

In einem autobiografischen Buch, schreibt Dr. Patrick Treacy über seinen Werdegang und wie er sich 2006 mit dem King of Pop anfreundete. So schreibt Dr. Patrick Treacy auch von einem Telefongespräch, das Michael Jackson mit Nelson Mandela führte. Michael Jackson plante, ein grosses Charity-Konzert in Rwanda für HIV-positive Kinder zu geben. Einzelheiten, siehe hier der Artikel vom Belfast Telegraph. Das Buch, Behind The Mask: The Extraordinary Story of the Irishman Who Became Michael Jackson’s Doctor by Dr Patrick Treacy with Frances Kenny, kann hier auf Amazon.de gekauft werden.

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