How Janet Jackson Paid for Michael’s Funeral

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How Janet Jackson Paid for Michael’s Funeral

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 18. Feb 2011, 22:22

Janet Jackson indeed paid for her brother Michael’s “second” funeral in August 2009. According to papers just filed in the Los Angeles probate court by Michael Jackson’s executors, Janet wrote a check for just under $50,000 so that the Jacksons could stage Michael’s internment after the infamous Staples Center show earlier in the summer.

The funeral did indeed cost just over $1 million in the end, for which the estate wrote checks to Forest Lawn Cemetery. The funeral incurred a lot of other expenses, too, including $35,000 for Michael’s “funeral costume” and $21,455 for catering.

The estate’s records also show specific payments to Katherine Jackson, listed under different headings for “allowance.” For example, Mrs. Jackson receives $50,000 a month for her own allowance, plus all expenses reimbursed without question. This is all separate from mortgage payments on her home, payroll for her staff, and a brand new 2010 Escalade that cost approximately $83,000.

Line by line, the report–part of a petition to the court–shows that the execugors and lawyers–who themselves have made millions in fees–have carefully attempted to clean up an estate that was in total disarray when Michael Jackson died.
Remember MJ
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Re: How Janet Jackson Paid for Michael’s Funeral

Beitragvon crying » 20. Feb 2011, 09:37

35.000$ für das, was Michael trug? Halte ich für unrealistisch. Selbst eine sehr edle Kleidung für den letzten Weg kann nicht derart teuer sein, wenn man bedenkt, was Karen und M. Bush gesagt haben.
Ich bin nicht tot, ich tauschte nur die Räume. Ich leb’ in euch und geh’ durch eure Träume.
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