Donation for Kermit & Sunshine - MJs snakes !

Donation for Kermit & Sunshine - MJs snakes !

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this email comes from Grand Valley Zoological Quest

We are carrying a bit of the King of Pop's legacy at The Children's Nature Center in Fruita, Colorado.
Two of Michael Jackson's giant pythons have found "One More Chance" at our facility.

We are "Thrilled" to announce that Kermit and Sunshine are living a peaceful and happy life with the best expert care at our loving Center.
In fact, "We Just Can't Stop Loving" them!

These healthy babies are doing well and we would like to build them a bigger home at The Children's Nature Center.
We are a non-profit organization and depend on donors and sponsors to help our organization flourish.

We are asking for a little of your "Human Nature" to help Kermit and Sunshine continue to keep Michael's "History" alive.
Please look at "The Man (or Woman) In The Mirror" and consider giving a little monetary contribution for Kermit and Sunshine's new home and continued care.

"You Are Not Alone", as EVERY contribution helps.
We "Don't Stop 'Til We Get Enough".

So next time you're on the western side of Colorado, stop by The Children's Nature Center and let us, Kermit, and Sunshine "Rock With You"!

Children’s Nature Center
404 Jurassic Ave. # A Fruita, CO 81521

*** Der Link ist nur für Mitglieder sichtbar, zum Login. ***

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Re: Donation for Kermit & Sunshine - MJs snakes !

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Michael’s Pythons Find Home In Colorado

The Children’s Nature Center (CNC) in Fruita, Colorado, is a zoological center that exhibits exotic animals in naturalist habitats. The center hosts more than 120 unique creatures, ranging from 13-foot pythons to 1-inch-long dart frogs to lively stingrays.

They have a saltwater habitat, a brackish water habitat, freshwater habitats, as well as numerous coral tanks with a wide variety of aquatic life. CNC features a collection of snakes, reptiles, and amphibians, as well as the largest indoor honey beehive in Colorado and a variety of colourful parrots. Their living and inanimate exhibits are all designed to educate guests on animals, wildlife, and the environment.

The Center is now proud to announce that it has a couple of new members living at it’s premises. Two of Michael’s giant pythons, Kermit and Sunshine have made the center their new home and are being looked after by the best expert care.

The Children’s Nature Centre is a non profit organisation and depends on donors and sponsors to help their organisation flourish and continue giving the care they give to and is needed by it’s animals. They are asking fans for a little help to build Michael’s Kermit and Sunshine a bigger home at the center.


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