MJ’s Handwritten Notes To Kids Reveal Caring Father

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MJ’s Handwritten Notes To Kids Reveal Caring Father

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 12. Jul 2013, 21:13


The King of Pop’s nephew Taj Jackson authenticated the handwriting during his testimony at the highly covered trial over the singer’s untimely death. Defendant AEG Live fought against having the notes presented to the courtroom.
Touching handwritten notes that give an intimate glimpse of Michael Jackson’s relationship with his kids were shown to a jury Thursday after a bitter legal battle.

The King of Pop scrawled one of the notes on a scrap of paper to remember a tender exchange with his younger son, Blanket.

“Words of Blanket my son 6 years young,” the pop superstar wrote to introduce a quote attributed to his third-born child.

“What’s your favorite letters Daddy? Mine is ‘G’ for God and ‘D’ for Daddy,” reads the quote written in black pen on white paper.

Jurors also saw a pencil and paper note Jackson’s daughter carefully composed for her dad with ample eraser marks and a heart used to dot the “i” in her name.

“Dear Daddy, I love you so much & I’m so glad I got a goodnight hug,” Paris wrote. “Sleep well, I love you & good night. I’ll see you tomorrow! XOX Goodnight. Lots of love, Paris Jackson”

Lawyers for Katherine Jackson fought for days to get the notes admitted saying they show the immense love Michael had for his kids and the depths of the family’s loss with his untimely death on June 25, 2009.
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