Taryll Jacksons Reaktion auf das Oprah Interview mit den Cas

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Taryll Jacksons Reaktion auf das Oprah Interview mit den Cas

Beitragvon Blanket » 8. Dez 2010, 08:09

Taryll Jacksons Reaktion auf das Oprah Interview mit den Cascios

Taryll Jackson (3T) zeigt sich auf seiner Twitter-Seite empört über Oprahs Interview mit den Cascios und Teddy Riley:

“Frank (Cascio) hurt and betrayed my Uncle years ago, so when I learned about Eddie I wasn't completely shocked. The names are different but the story's the same. People taking advantage of my Uncle and now his legacy. I wish Oprah would have asked about the ridiculous amount these FAKE songs were sold to the estate for.“
“I remember when Teddy and I were at Encore listening to KYHU. We both knew it wasn't my Uncle. He stopped working on it because (and I quote) "it didn't sound enough like Michael. Michael doesn't swing like that." He also said he was only working on the Cascio records in hopes that he would eventually be given a "real Michael Jackson song." As he knows, I never agreed with that logic. I'll never forget when Teddy called me telling me, "I'm so excited, I finally got a 'Michael record.' It's called Hollywood Tonight and it's him."
“I've always admired the talent of Teddy Riley, but after hearing him lie on Oprah I am terribly disappointed.”

Teddy Riley kontert ebenfalls auf Twitter: “Pls god hld me bk. He knows how he was blabbering him mouth about MJ in front of everyone about how much he know his uncle” / “Why didn’t he sued like he said? Cause he’s in denial…and I truly understand why, which is why I can’t go on to tell the truth about him.”

Quelle: twitter.com/taryll, http://twitter.com/teddyriley1

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