Best Super Bowl Haftime Show Ever?

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Best Super Bowl Haftime Show Ever?

Beitragvon Mjj forever » 2. Feb 2015, 22:43

Which Is the Best Super Bowl Halftime Show Ever? Vote!

's Super Bowl week, which means everyone needs to make important decisions. Who are you rooting for? Which Super Bowl party are you going to attend? And what's the best Super Bowl halftime show of all time?

Katy Perry's Super Bowl Mantra? 'Eyes On The Prize Not On The Fries'

That's right: Katy Perry will be playing at this year's event, joining a group of previous halftime show performers that includes the biggest names in pop: Prince, Paul McCartney, and Madonna, among others. Which of Perry's predecessors was most memorable? Beyonce, whose show famously shut down the power? Michael Jackson, who changed the Super Bowl halftime show tradition forever? Vote below. ... tion=false

Bitte nur einmal täglich voten. Wenn man es öfter macht, wird es wieder gelöscht.
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