Invincible Kampagne

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Invincible Kampagne

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 7. Okt 2011, 16:48

Invincible Campaign Print

MJ(1-10-2011) Just a quick reminder that it is now officially INVINCIBLE Month!

As reported last week, this October marks the 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson's final studio album INVINCIBLE and, in celebration, fans around the world are encouraged to purchase the CD during the month-long campaign in an effort to push it to the number one spot during the month of October.

The primary purpose - apart from celebrating the 10th Anniversary of this greatly under-rated album - is to provide a musical banner for Michael during the trial of Conrad Murray.

The campaign asks all Michael Jackson fans and supporters to purchase INVINCIBLE - both in stores and on iTunes - during the month of October. Also call your local radio stations and request songs from the album.

You can check out the campaign's blogsite and their Facebook page. Also follow them on Twitter @mjsinvincible1

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