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Major Love Prayer every 25th!
von: Gabi-Maus 26. Mär 2017, 20:56 zum letzten Beitrag 26. Mär 2017, 20:56

MJ Cast mit Michael Prince
von: Remember MJ 25. Mär 2017, 22:40 zum letzten Beitrag 25. Mär 2017, 22:40

Michael in Liverpool 1988
von: Remember MJ 25. Mär 2017, 22:21 zum letzten Beitrag 25. Mär 2017, 22:21

Michael Jackson Dolls collection
von: Remember MJ 24. Mär 2017, 22:48 zum letzten Beitrag 24. Mär 2017, 22:48

Nigeria's 'Michael Jackson' directs traffic in Maiduguri
von: Remember MJ 23. Mär 2017, 22:20 zum letzten Beitrag 23. Mär 2017, 22:20

Michael ist der Vater seiner Kinder
von: Gabi-Maus 23. Mär 2017, 01:07 zum letzten Beitrag 23. Mär 2017, 01:07

Katherine Jackson: Klage gegen den eigenen Neffen
von: Gabi-Maus 22. Mär 2017, 23:26 zum letzten Beitrag 22. Mär 2017, 23:26

Michael’s Irish Hideaway For Sale
von: Gabi-Maus 22. Mär 2017, 00:49 zum letzten Beitrag 22. Mär 2017, 00:49

Paris Jackson on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
von: Gabi-Maus 22. Mär 2017, 00:28 zum letzten Beitrag 22. Mär 2017, 00:28

Michael Jackson wollte U2 ausspionieren
von: Remember MJ 21. Mär 2017, 22:48 zum letzten Beitrag 21. Mär 2017, 22:48

Neverland Videos und Bilder
von: Gabi-Maus 20. Mär 2017, 23:17 zum letzten Beitrag 20. Mär 2017, 23:17

zweites Patenkind
von: Blackpearl 19. Mär 2017, 17:14 zum letzten Beitrag 19. Mär 2017, 17:14

Rod Temperton The Invisible Man
von: Gabi-Maus 19. Mär 2017, 01:13 zum letzten Beitrag 19. Mär 2017, 01:13

Neue Bilder von Paris
von: Blackpearl 17. Mär 2017, 20:05 zum letzten Beitrag 17. Mär 2017, 20:05

Neue Missbrauchsvorwürfe gegen Michael Jackson
von: Gabi-Maus 17. Mär 2017, 13:25 zum letzten Beitrag 17. Mär 2017, 13:25

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Titel: Nigeria's 'Michael Jackson' directs traffic in MaiduguriErstellt von: Remember MJ
Nigeria's 'Michael Jackson' directs traffic in Maiduguri Video From :
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Titel: Michael’s Irish Hideaway For SaleErstellt von: Gabi-Maus
Michael’s Irish Hideaway For Sale


The Guinness family’s Irish country estate, Luggala, once used by Michael Jackson as a secret hideaway home, is now listed for around Thirty Million US Dollars.

The former hunting lodge which is snow-white in colour, manor is surrounded by 5,000 acres. Besides Michael, Mick Jagger, U2’s Bono and The Beatles have all stayed there.

The property hit international headlines when it emerged that Michael lived there for three months in 2006, but this information was only released after he’d left.

Part of Luggala’s charm is its secluded location, nestled in a cleft at the bottom of a glacial valley, 40km from Dublin. It is cloaked by dense woodland, lakes and silvery waterfalls, filled with deer and game. The current owner, Garech Browne, adds to the property’s allure.

Browne is the great-great-great grandson of iconic Irish stout maker Arthur Guinness but he also is the founder of Claddagh Records. Since 1960s, he has not only hosted famous artists but also poets and politicians. Now aged seventy-seven he has decided to put the estate up for sale. It is listed at a price of €28 million (US$30 million) through Ireland Sotheby’s International Realty.

Originally built in the 18th century, Luggala was acquired by Ernest Guinness in 1937 as a wedding present for his youngest daughter Oonagh, Garech Browne’s mother. The Gothic Revival, almost castle-like manor has three reception rooms, a drawing room, full office facilities and a formal dining room. There’s also the four-poster bed famously favoured by Michael throughout his stay.

The listing specifies seven bedrooms within the main house, four within a guest lodge and a further sixteen comprised within seven other lodges and cottages throughout the vast estate. Altogether, the accommodation within the estate extends to some 1,802-square-metres of space.

According to The Telegraph, Browne spent €6 million on restoring and renovating the grand home. It now includes a new library, stacked with 8,000 books and an indoor swimming pool. The Guinness heir has called for the state to buy the house to save it for heritage.

Source: Billionaire & MJWN


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Titel: Michael Jackson wollte U2 ausspionierenErstellt von: Remember MJ
Michael Jackson wollte U2 ausspionieren

London Michael Jackson soll versucht haben, sich Tricks und Kniffe bei U2 abzuschauen.
Michael Jackson Michael Jackson

Der King of Pop war 1987 angeblich neidisch auf den Erfolg der irischen Band mit ihrem Album "The Joshua Tree". Deswegen soll er damals eine Filmcrew angeheuert haben, die das Konzert von U2 in Dublin aufzeichnen sollte. Doch ihr Manager Paul McGuinness kam dahinter und verhinderte die Umsetzung des Plans. U2-Frontmann Bono sagte erst kürzlich der Sun dazu: "Michael wollte uns in unserer natürlichen Umgebung oberservieren."
Beitrag21. Mär 2017, 22:40Kommentare: 1

Titel: Michael’s Photographer Reveals His Favourite MomentsErstellt von: Remember MJ
Michael’s Photographer Reveals His Favourite Moments


Harrison Funk, who was Michael Jackson’s personal photographer for 30 years, reveals his favourite moments photographing Michael, in an interview with abc7 news.
Harrison Funk watched Michael evolve from a teen idol to a bona fide superstar. Michael became known as a perfectionist with a complex personality. “What genius isn’t complex?” Funk asked in the interview. “I would put him up there with Da Vinci and Michelangelo and Beethoven and Picasso.”

Funk was tasked with documenting the life of Michael and he told abc7 that Michael would ask him every night if he had “made magic.” “He couldn’t wait to see the pictures because he wanted to see the magic.”

Looking over albums of photographs, Funk pointed to the moments in which Michael performed in concerts with massive crowds.

“That was his overwhelming drive. To perform for people. His show was absolute perfection.”

Funk said that Michael always maintained a sense of wonder. “He knew the child within and he never wanted to lose that. That was part of the magic.”


In 1984 Michael received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Funk said it was a huge day for Michael as he was at the height of his career. But a defining moment in Michael’s career came when he moonwalked on stage at Wembley Stadium. Funk said Michael actually learned the move from Jeffrey Daniel, who was in the group Shalamar. Daniel had performed it on the British show ‘Top of the Pops,’ only he called it the backslide. Michael learned it, perfected it and re-branded it as the moonwalk. “When Michael came out with it, people were just blown away. I’ve never seen any other artist that got that response,” Funk said.

Another big moment for Michael was when he met Nelson Mandela. But, according to Funk, it was equally as big a moment for the world leader, who brought his entire family from South Africa just to meet Michael. Jackson and Mandela met in a penthouse in Beverly Hills along with actress Elizabeth Taylor. Funk explained that by the end of the day his photograph of the three icons had appeared in over two hundred newspapers.
“Michael was looking to change the world. He didn’t just record ‘We are the World’ or ‘Man in the Mirror.’ He recorded music because he wanted to make an impact on people,” Funk said.

On Michael’s death in 2009, Funk said; “It’s hard to articulate. I think the whole world changed. It was the end of an era.”

For more information on Harrison Funk please visit [url][/url]
Quelle:, abc7news, Harrison Funk & MJWN
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Titel: A new attraction to come with some MJ ExhibitsErstellt von: Remember MJ
A new attraction to come with some MJ Exhibits


One of the Media we love so much (sarcasm), National Enquirer will open a themed attraction in Pigeon Forge in Eastern Tennessee.

Along with visitors creating their own tabloid headlines to share on social media, the attraction will also have celebrities exhibits and of course Michael Jackson is one of them!

It is said that the actual hyperbaric chamber used by Michael Jackson will be on display.

The rumor of Michael Sleeping in a chamber started in 1986 when the National Enquirer (AKA the Least Reliable News Source Ever) published a photograph of Jackson laying inside an actual hyperbaric chamber. While the photo IS real, this was a piece of medical equipment inside the Brotman Medical Center’s Michael Jackson Burn Unit, where he was treated for severe scalp burns in 1984. Jackson donated vast sums of money to the Burn Center, making the purchase of this piece of equipment possible. The photo was taken when he crawled inside, being a perpetual joker, and pretended to be asleep.

Also other exhibits on Michael Jackson will be present but it is unclear yet of which ones.

No dates have been announced for the opening yet.

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Titel: Daniel Atanasio bei „Glanz + Gloria“Erstellt von: Gabi-Maus
Daniel Atanasio bei „Glanz + Gloria“

Am 22. März 2017 wird auf SF1 eine Sendung mit dem Schweizer Michael Jackson Imitator Daniel Atanasio ausgestrahlt.

Die Sendung „Die besten Doubles der Schweiz“ wird am Mittwoch, 22. März, bei „Glanz und Gloria“ auf SRF1 ausgestrahlt.

Hier hatten wir von seinem Konzert im vergangenen Jahr in Thun berichtet: „Billie Jean – The Tribute Show„.
Derweil ist er für eine Tribute-Show in den USA gebucht, wo Daniel Atanasio unter anderen auch Jermaine Jackson treffen konnte.

Bild Bild Bild

Quelle:, Daniel Atanasio
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Titel: Remember The Time VerfilmungErstellt von: Gabi-Maus
Remember The Time Verfilmung

Film über Michael Jackson als Vater

Gemäss MJ-Insider Roger Friedman wird ein Michael Jackson Film ins Fernsehen kommen, der ihn als vernarrter Vater in seinen letzten Lebensjahren zeigen wird. Niemand geringeres als Suzanne DePasse wird den Film produzieren. Sie begleitete die Jackson 5 bei Motown eng.

Der Film wird auf dem Buch von Michael Jacksons Bodyguards Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard “Remember The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson In His Final Days” basieren. Sie standen an Michael Jacksons Seite, als dieser 2006 aus Bahrain in die USA zurückkehrte, und sorgten für seine Sicherheit bis im Juni 2009.
Hier haben wir ein ausführliches Review zum empfehlenswerten Buch verfasst, das es auch auf deutsch gibt:

Suzanne DePasse wird den Michael Jackson Film produzieren. Sie begann im Jahr 1968 als kreative Assistentin von Berry Gordy bei Motown Records zu arbeiten und half im ständigen Kontakt mit den Jackson 5 mit, deren Karriere aufzugleisen. Als Motown verkauft wurde, war Suzanne DePasse Präsidentin von Motown Productions.

In seinem exklusiven Bericht auf Showbiz411 schreibt Roger Friedman, dass er sich viel vom Film verspreche und wenn er Michaels Kinder sehe, stehe für ihn ausser Frage, dass Michael Jackson ein exzellenter Vater war.

“I’m obviously curious about the movie, and Jackson fans will be, too. (DePasse’s office didn’t return phone calls yesterday.) But the bodyguards’ book is a good resource for the last couple of years of Jackson’s life as it shows his struggles to find a new place to live after leaving Neverland, dealing with his mounting financial crisis, and parenting his three young children. There’s no doubt that Jackson was an excellent father– just look at those kids seven years after his death. They’re thriving. He was doing something right without a doubt.

So stay tuned. “Remember The Time” sounds like it might be the first step in rehabilitating Jackson’s legacy via film. Jackson’s estate should be happy about that.”

Beitrag11. Mär 2017, 22:47Kommentare: 3
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