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Making Michael: Inside the Career of Michael Jackson
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‘I Want You Back’ Kicked It All Off For the Jackson 5
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Michael Jackson: The Last Photo Shoots
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Janet Jackson Honored With the 2017 Music Icon Award
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Taylor Lautner wird von Paris Jackson verarscht!
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The MJCast Interview mit Vincent Paterson
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Bilder vom Denkmal
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Happy Birthday Michael !!

29. Aug 2017, 09:23
von Remember MJ
Happy Birthday Michael !!

Titel: China digitalised Michael JacksonErstellt von: Remember MJ
China digitalised Michael Jackson

A couple of days ago, some pictures posted by the Chinese fan club MJJCN stirred the internet. The pictures were some photos of a look like Michael Jackson in the street of Beijing. Just to find out that the pictures are actually digital representation of Michael Jackson!




A Chinese Company called Bitone created the look-like digital for Halloween and it’s pretty well done. Keen Zhang, president of MJJCN, also posted a video showcasing the artwork with some imagery of Michael Jackson in Thriller, Ghosts and Remember the Time. The Digital version is also dancing.

Have a look here: Video From :

At this stage, it is unclear if Bitone has been commissioned for an official Estate work or another company in China (as Licensing is not regulated in China) or even the work of a fan working at Bitone!
For sure we will keep you posted on this (to be continued…)

Fans online have given mixed reviews! Some loved it, some hated it – Give your views in the comment box below!

About Bitone:

BITONE is a professional virtual auto image solution supplier,wholly- owned by Bitauto. Established in 2007 by Qing Ye who has over 15 years of professional experience as a CG artist, BITONE became over the years a leading feature in full CGI and visual effects in commercial.
Beitrag2. Nov 2017, 21:49Kommentare: 0

Titel: MJ in 2017 der Bestverdiener der toten BerühmtheitenErstellt von: Remember MJ
MJ in 2017 der Bestverdiener der toten Berühmtheiten

Michael Jackson führt in 2017 (zum 5. Mal in Folge) die Forbes-Liste der Bestverdiener unten den toten Berühmtheiten an. Mit 75 Mio. steht er auf Nummer 1 vor Golflegende Arnold Palmer 40 Mio. und Elvis Presly 35 Mio. Sein posthumes Empire ist weiterhin stark, aktuell angetrieben durch die Halloween-Projekte und der Cirque du Soleil MJ-One-Show.

The Top-Earning Dead Celebrities Of 2017

This past weekend, audiences were treated to the debut of CBS special Michael Jackson’s Halloween, an hourlong magical adventure in which the King of Pop comes to life in animated forms including that of a dancing pumpkin, an arachnid security guard and a feline scientist, set to a soundtrack of Jackson’s music.

“Michael's songs are very important to people,” says Mark Dippé, the program’s director. “We just wanted to sort of tell a story that was based around the world that Michael had created with his music, and his dancing, and his performances.”

That level of continued interest is precisely why Jackson tops our Halloween-spooky list of the 13 highest-paid dead celebrities for the fifth year in a row--with earnings of $75 million. His postmortem empire is going strong, boosted by the Halloween special and new album Scream joining a list of ventures including a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas and a stake in the EMI music publishing catalogue.

Golf legend Arnold Palmer claims the No. 2 spot with $40 million. Barely a year after his death, more than 400 stores still sell Palmer-branded apparel in Asia, and AriZona Beverages produces 400 million cans of its Arnold Palmer line annually. Peanuts creator Charles Schulz ranks third with income of $38 million—MetLife recently retired Snoopy and Charlie Brown from its ad campaigns, but the cartoonist’s contract does not expire until 2019.

Elvis Presley finishes fourth with $35 million, up from last year’s $27 million sum thanks to the new $45 million Elvis Presley’s Memphis entertainment complex and recently-opened hotel The Guesthouse at Graceland. Bob Marley rounds out the top five with $23 million, boosted by sustainability-focused House of Marley audio products and the Marley Beverage Co.

“When we decided to start that movement, it was [to] add relevancy to who we are as a family,” says Marley’s son Rohan. “We started that to really hone in on our legacy and protect what our father has given us.”

Our list measures pretax income from October 15, 2016 through October 15, 2017 before deducting cuts for agents, managers and lawyers. Sources include Nielsen SoundScan, IMDB, Pollstar Pro and interviews with celebrity estate experts.

Some names on the list passed just before the end of our scoring period—namely, rocker Tom Petty, who died on October 3. His inclusion on the list (No. 6, $20 million) reflects earnings from the past year on the road, where his band was grossing north of $1 million per night. Petty and fellow musicians Prince (No. 7, $18 million) and David Bowie (No. 11, $9.5 million) also got a boost from increased music consumption in the wake of their relatively-recent passing.

There are more ways than ever to earn money from beyond the grave, as our list members can attest. Elizabeth Taylor (No. 12, $8 million) lives on through top-selling fragrances such as White Diamonds, while Albert Einstein (No. 10, $10 million) lends his name and likeness to products ranging from dorm-room posters to tablets designed by Israeli tech company Fourier Systems.

Frank Zappa didn’t make the list, but perhaps he will soon. His son Ahmet recently announced plans to bring the rock star back in the form of a hologram-like illusion. The phantom Zappa will hit the road, most likely in 2018, in partnership with the firm Eyellusion. The goal is to make “the bizarre world of Frank come to life,” says the younger Zappa. “And I wake up every single day excited.”

To be fair, Frank Zappa won’t be the first celebrity to perform in such a manner. Tupac Shakur started the trend at Coachella in 2012, and Jackson currently appears in similar style in the grand finale of his Vegas show.

As for the King of Pop, his 2017 earnings pale in comparison to last year’s $825 million haul—the highest annual total for any entertainer dead or alive—mostly from the sale of his half of the Sony/ATV catalogue. But his $75 million tally this year still places him on par with the seventeenth-best-paid living entertainer, Bruce Springsteen.

Additional editing by Natalie Robehmed; additional reporting by Kurt Badenhausen

See the full list of the highest-paid dead celebrities here:
Beitrag30. Okt 2017, 18:31Kommentare: 0

Titel: Dieser Spanier sieht aus wie Michael Jackson!Erstellt von: Remember MJ
Dieser Spanier sieht aus wie Michael Jackson!

Der gebürtige Spanier arbeitet als professioneller Imitator – unschwer zu erkennen, welchen Promi er nachahmen will. Auf seinen Social-Media-Kanälen postet das Double des verstorbenen King of Pop regelmäßig Fotos von sich.

Hier das Video dazu:
Beitrag9. Okt 2017, 21:25Kommentare: 2

Titel: Doku von Spike LeeErstellt von: Gabi-Maus
Gerade lief auf 3sat die Doku von Spike Lee
Beitrag7. Okt 2017, 21:59Kommentare: 0

Titel: MJ und George Harrison im RadioErstellt von: Gabi-Maus
MJ und George Harrison im Radio

Anlässlich vom 50. Geburtstag von BBC Radio 1, haben sie eine historische Sendung online gestellt: In der „Roundtable Show“ vom Februar 1979 waren Michael Jackson und George Harrison von den Beatles zu Gast um über aktuelle Musikstücke zu sprechen.

Michael Jackson hatte derzeit sein erstes selbst komponiertes Album mit seinen Brüdern „Destiny“ auf dem Markt und wollte deshalb von George Harrison wissen, ob sie schon immer ihre Stücke selbst geschrieben und wie sie das gehandhabt hätten. Die BBC Radio 1 Sendung wurde auf NME geteilt. ... ic-2145867

Beitrag30. Sep 2017, 15:12Kommentare: 0

Titel: SAT 1 / Akte 2017 / 12.09.17Erstellt von: Blackpearl
Breaking news! /
Heute Abend 22:00 auf SAT1, Akte 20.17 alles zu einer schockierenden Betrügermasche rund um Michael Jackson Memorabilia. Bitte beachten aufgrund der Dringlichkeit und Aktualität dieses Falles ist dazu noch nichts zu lesen im TVProgramm. Weitere Infos folgen!

(BITTE TEILEN AUF deutschsprachigen GRUPPEN und unter deutschsprachigen Fan-Freunden, sobald Beitrag auf Englisch zur Verfügung steht folgen Infos)
Beitrag12. Sep 2017, 14:02Kommentare: 8

Titel: Neues Projekt „Scream“Erstellt von: Remember MJ
Neues Projekt „Scream“
5. September 2017

ergangene Nacht ist auf dem offiziellen Michael Jackson Facebook-Kanal ein Teaser namens „Michael Jackson Scream“ veröffentlicht worden. Der Nachlassverwalter gab noch keine weiteren Angaben preis. Auf Instagram wurde ein Foto einer Plakatwand gesichtet, auf dem „Album out September 29“ steht. Sobald wir mehr wissen, updaten wir diese Meldung. Video From :

Quelle:, Facebook, Instagram
Beitrag5. Sep 2017, 21:16Kommentare: 9
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