New Hologram?

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New Hologram?

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 17. Aug 2017, 20:51

New Hologram?


China’s First Interactive Holographic Creative Talks Come to Shuangjing, Aug 19 and Sept 2 and the guys from VX entertainment who created the 2014 Billboard Music Awards Michael Jackson Hologram will be having a talk in the event!

The Chinese organisers are emphasis on the Michael Hologram and even told the public that Michael Jackson fans should not miss the event!

Hologram will be held at VX Entertainment Studio (Rm 55, Bldg 6, North Pingod Community, 32 Baiziwan Road). Tickets are RMB 160. The event is being coordinated by Creative Friends, a popular WeChat group and community that aims to unite creative types

We will keep you informed if anything comes out of this event “Hologram”!
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