Tito Jackson ist immer noch in Therapie wegen Michaels Tod

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Tito Jackson ist immer noch in Therapie wegen Michaels Tod

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 8. Sep 2017, 20:31

Tito Jackson ist immer noch in Therapie wegen Michaels Tod

Wir machten eine Familientherapie um unsere Trauer zu besiegen, sagte Tito am vergangenen Mittwoch in der UK TV - Show “Loose Women“ Er sei noch heute in Therapie. Weiterhin sagte er, er konnte nach Michaels Tod für Jahre nicht arbeiten und er war am Boden zerstört. Er sagte, das Schöne an seiner Familie ist, dass sie so gross sei. Sie hätten Höhen und Tiefen, aber alle tragen denselben Nachnamen.
Er schildert, dass er immer wieder an Michaels Tod erinnert wird, sei es durch das Hören von Michaels Musik oder das Schauen seiner Videos, oder ein Fan kommt und erinnert ihn an Michael.
Etwas, was wieder Freude in Titos Leben gebracht hat, ist die Geburt von Janets Sohn.

Tito Jackson still having therapy to get over younger brother Michael's death in 2009
The 63-year-old musician was a part of The Jackson 5 pop group with his sibling and other brothers Jermaine, Jackie and Marlon and he shared an extremely close bond with him until his tragic death eight years ago from acute Propofol intoxication at the age of just 50.

Tito and the rest of the Jackson clan - headed by mother Katherine and father Joe - underwent family therapy sessions to try and beat their grief and he has continued to have personal counselling sessions to assist him in coping with his loss.

In an interview on UK TV show 'Loose Women' on Wednesday (06.09.17), he shared: "We did family therapy to deal with that (Michael's death) and I'm still in therapy today ... After he passed away I couldn't work for a number of years because I was so devastated. Yes I was very devastated ... The beauty of my family is that it's such a large family and we have our ups and downs but we all share the same last name."

Tito believes he is finding it difficult to move on from Michael's death because he is reminded that his brother is dead on a daily basis by fans and by the music the King of Pop left us.

He explained: "It's constant reminded to me. The therapy helps a lot, it helps tremendously. But you'll never get over it, you're reminded daily of it from listening to his music or seeing his videos, or a fan comes up to you and reminds you."

One thing that has brought joy to Tito's life this year is the birth of his new nephew Eissa in January to his 51-year-old sister Janet Jackson and he admits it's been great to the see 'Rhythm Nation' singer finally become a mother.

The 'I Want You Back' hitmaker - who has just released his first ever solo album 'Tito Time' - said: "I've met the baby and the baby is beautiful and a lot of fun, full of smiles and he was just getting passed from person to person.

"You know it's different seeing Janet as a mother because she was always the person that plays with the children for five or ten minutes and then gives them back. To see her with her own baby is great."
Remember MJ
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