Keeping Prince In Our Prayers As He Arrives At Court

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Keeping Prince In Our Prayers As He Arrives At Court

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 26. Jun 2013, 22:13

Keeping Prince In Our Prayers As He Arrives At Court


Michael Jackson’s eldest son walked into a Los Angeles courtroom Wednesday to take the stand.
He wore a dark suit, crisp white shirt and dark tie as he walked into the courtroom surrounded by bodyguards on the day after the fourth anniversary of his father’s passing.
“This trial is about people, and he’s suffered greatly,” family lawyer Brian Panish told the Daily News outside court Tuesday. “He’s a real person. This is about family.”

Let’s keep Prince in our prayers today. This must be so hard on him.
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A portion of his Testimony here:

Los Angeles (CNN) — Michael Jackson often cried after talking to AEG Live executives as he prepared for his comeback concerts, his oldest son testified Wednesday.
“After he got off the phone, he would cry,” Prince Jackson testified. “He would say ‘They’re going to kill me, they’re going to kill me.’”
His father told him he was talking about AEG LIve CEO Randy Phillips and his ex-manager, Dr. Tohme Tohme, Prince said.
Prince, 16, began his testimony Wednesday morning in his family’s wrongful death lawsuit against Jackson’s last concert promoter, AEG Live.
His first 30 minutes on the stand were filled with videos and photographs of Jackson with his children, but then the questioning by Jackson lawyer Brian Panish focused on the last weeks of his father’s life.
Prince testified that Phillips visited Jackson’s rented Los Angeles mansion and spoke aggressively to Dr. Conrad Murray the night before his father’s death.
“He was grabbing his elbow,” Prince said. “It looked aggressive to me. He was grabbing by the back of his elbow and they were really close and he was making hand motions.”
He couldn’t hear what Phillips was saying to Murray, he said.
Michael Jackson was not there because he was at his last rehearsal, Prince said. He called his father from the security guard shack telephone to let him know Phillips was there. His father asked him to offer Phillips food and drink.
Prince said that was his last conversation with his father.
Prince was 12 when the pop icon died, but he said his father confided in him about whom he trusted and didn’t trust and what he feared as he prepared for his comeback concerts.
Michael Jackson’s three children — Prince, Paris and Blanket — and their grandmother Katherine Jackson are plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which contends AEG Live is liable in Jackson’s death because the company hired, retained or supervised Murray, the doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter.
Murray told investigators he gave Jackson nightly infusions of the surgical anesthetic propofol to treat his insomnia. The coroner ruled the singer died of an overdose of the drug.
AEG Live executives allegedly created a medical conflict of interest that pressured Murray to pursue the dangerous treatments so Jackson would be rested for rehearsals, while ignoring warning signs that his health was failing, Jackson family lawyers argue.
AEG Live lawyers contend that it was Jackson who chose and controlled the doctor and that company executives had no way of knowing what treatments Murray was delivering.

‘Daddy’s little man’

AEG Live lead lawyer Marvin Putnam is expected to handle the cross-examination of Prince later Wednesday.
It is possible that jurors will also hear from Paris Jackson on Wednesday, since Putnam could play video clips from her deposition in an effort to highlight any contradictions between brother and sister.
Paris, who was 11 when her father died, is not available to testify live in court since she is hospitalized for psychiatric treatment following an apparent suicide attempt earlier this month.
AEG Live attempted to compel the youngest child — 11-year-old Blanket — to testify, but the judge rejected its request after a psychologist said it would harm the boy.
Jackson confided in his oldest son about his business dealings at an early age.
“Prince has always been, even at 12, the little man — Daddy’s little man,” Jackson chef Kai Chase testified. “He wanted his father to be very proud of him, which Michael was.”
“The weight of the world is on his shoulders, the eldest, big brother and father figure to his siblings,” Chase testified. “It’s a lot for him, growing, liking girls. He wishes his father was here to give him advice. It’s devastating to him.”
Prince recently began pursuing an entertainment career, working several days as a “special correspondent” for “Entertainment Tonight” and acting in an episode of the television show “90210.”

Michael Jackson’s two-month decline

Prince was also asked to describe how his father’s health changed from April 2009, just before Murray began his nightly visits to the rented Los Angeles mansion, until his death on June 25, 2009.
E-mail introduced as evidence and previous witnesses have told of a physical and mental deterioration over Jackson’s last two months.
Show director Kenny Ortega and production manager John “Bugzee” Hougdahl warned AEG executives of Jackson’s deterioration during a series of e-mails in Jackson’s last two weeks, including indications he was unable to do some of his trademark dances or remember lyrics to songs he had sung for decades.
His makeup artist and a choreographer testified about Jackson’s paranoia, his talking to himself and hearing voices, and his severe weight loss.
Associate show producer Alif Sankey testified that she “had a very strong feeling that Michael was dying” after a rehearsal 11 days before his death.
“I was screaming into the phone at that point,” Sankey testified. “I said he needs to be put in the hospital now.”
An expert testified last week that Jackson’s downward slide toward death could be explained by the insidious effects of chronic infusions of propofol. The nightly treatments probably interrupted Jackson’s sleep cycle, robbing him of REM — rapid eye movement — sleep, which is vital to keeping the brain and body functioning.
“The symptoms that Mr. Jackson was exhibiting were consistent with what someone might expect to see of someone suffering from total sleep deprivation over a chronic period,” said Dr. Charles Czeisler, a Harvard Medical School sleep expert.
The trial is in its ninth week and is expected to last until August.

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Remember MJ
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Re: Keeping Prince In Our Prayers As He Arrives At Court

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 27. Jun 2013, 08:35

Todesängste vor der Tournee

Im Prozess um den Tod von Michael Jackson sagte nun Prince Jackson, Sohn des verstorbenen King of Pop, vor Gericht aus. Sein Vater habe vor der geplanten „This is It“-Tour Angst gehabt und unter Tränen gesagt: „Sie werden mich umbringen“.
Am Dienstag jährte sich der Tod von Michael Jackson zum vierten Mal. Doch das Drama um den plötzlichen Tod des einstigen King of Pop nimmt kein Ende. Nun sagte sein ältester Sohn Prince Michael im Zivilprozess gegen den Konzertveranstalter AEG vor einem Gericht in Los Angeles aus.

Demnach habe sein Vater vor der geplanten „This is It“-Tour Angst gehabt und manchmal unter Tränen gesagt: „Sie werden mich umbringen“, zitiert das US-Promiportal „TMZ“ den 16-Jährigen. Auf die Frage, wen er damit gemeint habe, habe sein Vater geantwortet: „Die Leute von AEG, Randy Phillips.“

Michael Jackson wollte mehr Zeit
Philips, der Chef der Konzertagentur, sei auch mehrere Male bei ihnen zu Hause gewesen. Dabei habe Prince beobachtet, wie er Jackos Arzt, Dr. Conrad Murray, immer wieder am Ellbogen gepackt habe, und ihn zurechtgewiesen habe. Jackson hätte sich laut Prince zwar auf die Auftritte gefreut, aber er wollte auch mehr Zeit für die Vorbereitung haben.

Diese Aussagen dürften den Konzertveranstalter schwer belasten. Schließlich geht es um die Frage, ob AEG die Gesundheit des Sängers auf Spiel gesetzt hatte, nur um mit der geplanten Konzert-Tour ein Vermögen zu verdienen. Die Klage um eine Millionenentschädigung wird von Jacksons drei Kindern Prince, Paris und Blanket sowie ihrer 83-jährigen Großmutter Katherine Jackson geführt.

Prince fand seinen Vater halb aus dem Bett hängend
Der Junge habe während der 90 Minuten im Zeugenstand auch über die Vorgänge am 25. Juni 2009 gesprochen, als der 50 Jahre alte Sänger unter der Aufsicht seines Arztes Conrad Murray in seinem Haus starb.

Er habe seinen Vater im Schlafzimmer halb aus dem Bett hängend vorgefunden, der Arzt soll versucht haben, ihn wiederzubeleben. Seine Schwester Paris habe verzweifelt „Daddy“ gerufen. Sie seien der Ambulanz ins Krankenhaus gefolgt. Dort hätte Murray ihnen erzählt, dass Jackson einen tödlichen Herzinfarkt erlitten habe.

„Sorry Kinder, euer Dad ist tot“
Dr. Conrad Murray, der dem Sänger über Wochen hinweg das Narkosemittel Propofol gespritzt hatte, sitzt bereits eine vierjährige Haftstrafe wegen fahrlässiger Tötung ab. Er hatte den Kindern in der Todesnacht die schreckliche Nachricht mit den knappen Worten „sorry Kinder, euer Dad ist tot“ überbracht, berichtete Prince vor Gericht weiter.

Seine Schwester Paris habe der Tod des Vaters am Schlimmsten getroffen. Sie habe immer wieder geschrien: „Ich will meinen Vater“, während Murray versucht hatte, Jackson wiederzubeleben. „Sie war seine Prinzessin“, erklärte Prince weiter. „Sie muss ihren eigenen Weg finden, damit fertig zu werden“.

Jacksons Tochter wollte sich umbringen
Prince zeichnete laut „“ ein liebevolles Bild seines Vaters, der sich viel um seine drei Kinder gekümmert habe. Er zeigte Fotos und Heimvideos vor Gericht.
Erst vor kurzem schockte Paris mit einem Selbstmordversuch. Die 15-Jährige hatte sich Anfang Juni die Pulsadern aufgeschnitten. Aus Familienkreisen heißt es laut „TMZ“, Paris sei auf dem Weg der Besserung, befände sich aber noch immer in Therapie.
Remember MJ
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Re: Keeping Prince In Our Prayers As He Arrives At Court

Beitragvon JamMJ » 28. Jun 2013, 14:52

Wenn ich das lese, dann werde ich immer ganz traurig und auch sauer auf diesen Murray. "Sorry, euer Dad ist tot." :boese-1:
Die Kinder müssen total geschockt gewesen sein und er sagt Sorry.. :dash1: Der Typ ist doch echt nicht sauber im Kopf. :dash1:
Über die Nachricht, dass sich Paris das Leben nehmen wollte war ich auch sehr erschrocken. Mensch, die Kleine ist gerade 1 Monat und 1 Tag älter als mein Sohn. :cray: Ich hoffe nur, dass sie DAS nie wieder macht...bitte, bitte nicht. Es wär extrem traurig und schade um sie. So ein hübsches Mädel. Die Kinder tun mir alle drei total leid. Dieser Drecksack Murray hat sie ins Unglück gestürzt und übernimmt keine Verantwortung für sein tun und die Medien treten alles schön breit. Bei GMX stehen in den letzten Tagen immer wieder "Super Neuigkeiten" auf der Startseite. Wenigstens lassen sie die Themen aus ihrem Bescheuerten Forum raus, so dass man nicht die total "Kompetenten" Meinungen mancher User lesen muss. :smilie_krank_142: Vor kurzem ging es da um das Thema, ob MJ wirklich der Vater der Kinder ist und die Meinungen mancher Leute sind einfach nur unterste Schublade. :dash1: Bei manchen könnte man denken, sie wären bei der Zeugung dabei gewesen. :dr:
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