MJ's Son, Prince, Set To Testify In Lawsuit Against Concert

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MJ's Son, Prince, Set To Testify In Lawsuit Against Concert

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 15. Mär 2013, 22:14

Who's Bad! Michael Jackson's Son, Prince, Set To Testify In Lawsuit Against Concert Promoter (DETAILS)

Daddy ain't raise no fool!
Michael Jackson's oldest son, Prince, is reportedly testifying in the case against concert promotion company AEG for their involvement in the wrongful death of the pop legend.

A family insider tells Radar Online,
"Prince absolutely plans on testifying. His grandmother, Katherine, filed the lawsuit against AEG, which was the concert promoter for Michael's comeback concerts that were scheduled to take place in London. Katherine contends that AEG was responsible for her son's death because they were responsible for hiring Dr. Conrad Murray to be his physician."

Prince has reportedly had in depth conversations with his father about AEG. His testimony will shed light on Jackson's thoughts and experiences with the company.
The family insider continues, "Prince will also testify about the fateful day his father died, as he was an eyewitness to the efforts that were made to save his life. There are no plans for either Paris or Blanket to testify though. Jurors will be very interested in what Prince has to say. He is a very well spoken and intelligent young man."

The California Court of Appeals have ordered Michael's medical records to be unsealed to be used in the lawsuit. The case is set to proceed to trial on April 1.
Hopefully the Jackson family can put all of the legal stuff behind them and continue to enjoy the memories of the great Michael Jackson.

Quelle: http://globalgrind.com/news/michael-jacksons-son-prince-testify-wrongful-death-lawsuit-against-concert-promoter-details#ixzz2Ne4Dvfp8
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