Interview mit David Nordahl

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Interview mit David Nordahl

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 13. Sep 2010, 21:35

Hallo Mädels hier ein interessantes Interview mit David Nordhal.
Leider nur in englisch:

The above may seem like a long subtitle. But what I learned from my time with David Nordahl is that his 20-year friendship with Michael Jackson encompassed all of the above. He was in a unique position to get to know Michael on several levels, as a subject of his own paintings, as an artist in his own right (though David explained why he did not believe Michael could have ever really made a go of it as an artist), and as a business partner and creative co-designer (including many of the rides at Neverland and future plans for Neverland). But he also got to spend a lot of quality personal time with Michael and his children. He was there during Michael’s first marriage to Lisa Marie, and witnessed the nature of their relationship first-hand. After twenty years, he probably knew Michael as well as anyone.

His portraits of Michael, usually depicting him in various romantic, Renaissance styled settings, are some of the most iconic and recognizable images to fans, but have also come with their share of controversy, beginning with Martin Bashir’s insistence on including as many shots as possible of the painting “Michael,” depicting a semi-nude image of Michael surrounded by cherubs. The unfortunate controversy surrounding much of David’s work for Michael was one of the things that would be addressed. But before that, where to begin?

Hier könnt Ihr den ganzen Bericht lesen:

Viel Spaß dabei
Remember MJ
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Re: Interview mit David Nordahl

Beitragvon Faith » 17. Sep 2010, 19:16

Ein toller Beitrag!
Die Bilder von ihm sind Geschmackssache, aber ich liebe es :air_kiss: , wie er über Michael spricht!
Wenn das doch bloß mehr angebliche "Freunde" täten! Es würde der Wahrheit so sehr Beine machen und den Marathon erleichtern! :ohja:

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