Oral history: MJ meets MJ for 'Jam' video

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Oral history: MJ meets MJ for 'Jam' video

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 14. Mär 2013, 21:55

Last month, the world celebrated the legacy of Michael Jordan with his 50th birthday. But perhaps the coolest off-the-court thing he did in his career, back in the spring of 1992, was forgotten.

That's when Jordan, the biggest athlete on the planet, collaborated with the biggest musical artist, Michael Jackson, for the video to his song "Jam." When it occurred, not only were music videos in their heyday, but also the entertainment world had never seen a cross-over interaction of that magnitude on a global scale. Plus, MJ and MJ had a special ring to it.

At the time, Jordan recalled: "First I said, 'I don't know if I want to do this, because this guy's going to try to get me out there to dance, and that's going to be really embarrassing.' But then I said: 'Well, shoot, it's Michael Jackson. When would you ever get an opportunity to get to know him socially for a little bit, and yet at the same time, get to do his video?' So I changed my mind and went on and did it."

Twenty-one years later, ESPN Playbook has captured exclusively the many behind-the-scenes moments never shared before from Jordan and Jackson's first and only time working together. Here is "Jam" director David Kellogg and producer Phil Rose, who are both still actively working together on commercials, with their vivid memories from the once-in-a-lifetime shoot, which also featured rappers Heavy D and Kris Kross:

www.youtube.com Video From : www.youtube.com

Quelle: http://espn.go.com/blog/playbook/fandom/post/_/id/19549/an-oral-history-mj-meets-mj-for-jam-video
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