New Paul Anka "Duets" Collection

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New Paul Anka "Duets" Collection

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 7. Mär 2013, 22:21

Michael Jackson, Patti LaBelle Featured on New Paul Anka "Duets" Collection

The year after Michael Jackson released his 1982 classic Thriller, he teamed up with entertainment legend Paul Anka to write the song "I Never Heard." More than two decades later, that song was rewritten into Michael's posthumous single "This Is It," and now a version of the track will appear on Anka's new album of duets.

Called simply Duets, the set also includes "You Are My Destiny," featuring Paul alongside Patti LaBelle. The album's due in stores April 9, to coincide with the release of Paul's book My Way: An Autobiography. It features several new recordings, as well as previously-released duets and recordings that either feature new vocals or new instrumentation.

Paul says in a statement, "Throughout the history of music, there have been all kinds of songs; to me, the classics still reign supreme. This endeavor, these songs, will be easy on your ears; they are the stuff that love and life is all about."

Here's a list of the songs included on the album:

"Walk a Fine Line" with George Benson and Michael McDonald
"Find My Way Back to Your Heart" with Tita Hutchison
"Do I Love You (Yes, in Every Way)" with Dolly Parton
"This Is It" with Michael Jackson
"I Really Miss You" with Leon Russell
"Think I'm in Love Again" with Gloria Estefan
"Pennies from Heaven" with Michael Bublé
"Crazy" with Willie Nelson
"You Are My Destiny" with Patti LaBelle
"Les Filles de Paris" with Chris Botti
"It’s Hard to Say Goodbye" with Celine Dion
"She’s a Lady" with Tom Jones
"Hold Me ‘Til the Morning Comes" with Peter Cetera
"My Way" with Frank Sinatra

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