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"Dot to Dot" Online Magazin

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 11. Feb 2011, 16:48

Hallo meine Lieben,

es gibt ein neues kostenloses Online Magazin, daß sich "Dot to Dot" nennt.
Das Magazin erscheint monatlich und wird von den Machern des Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait entwickelt und veröffentlicht.

Michael Jackson was much more than just a musical genius, although his impact on the music industry and pop culture was immeasurable. To say he was an inspiration to countless performers is, undoubtedly, an understatement. Through his music the world danced, and his simple but powerful lyrics left a permanent mark on his peers and fans alike. However, there was another side to Michael that was largely ignored by the press and for which he never received full credit: his great achievements as a humanitarian. It is for the selfless love he showed, and his work toward making this world a better place, that he should be remembered and recognized for all time.

Dot to Dot:Keeping Michael's Legacy Alive, is a publication of The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait that is dedicated to continuing Michael Jackson's legacy. Our articles and blogs will prove to be entertaining, informative and often thought-provoking. Focusing not only on all the positive good that was Michael, we will also address issues that are still of concern to fans today, such as the attempted assassination of his character, and the way that words were used as weapons to destroy his integrity. I have also structured this publication in a way that will allow for your active participation in several of our sections: That’s A Wrap, Meeting Michael, The King’s Feast, The Gailearaí and It’s A Matter of Opinion. Your comments and contributions will be a vital part of “Keeping Michael’s Legacy Alive.”

If you would like to sign-up for your dot in celebrity artist David Ilan's unique interactive portrait of Michael, please visit www.michaeljacksontributeportrait.com

Valmai Owens
Director of Publications/Editor-in-Chief

Hier der Link dazu:

Viel Spaß beim lesen
Remember MJ
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