MJ In ‘Illumination: Exhibition Fine Art Photography’

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MJ In ‘Illumination: Exhibition Fine Art Photography’

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 10. Okt 2014, 20:21

Agora Gallery a contemporary fine art gallery located in the heart of Chelsea’s fine art district in New York has an exciting exhibition coming soon where it will feature the original work of French Artist Love U Sev’s stunning Michael Jackson photographic collages in ‘Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography.’

Her surreal portrait photography is both compelling and otherworldly. Love U Sev approaches her photographs in an entirely new way, and for this exhibition she has superimposed her own self-portraits with portraits of Michael Jackson, without retouching either image. The resulting picture is a figurative study in contrast and juxtaposition, as elements of each face emerge and recede to create a surrealistic and highly emotive effect that is almost abstract in its execution. The driving force behind Love U Sev’s art is a deep and abiding love. These photographs were inspired by two intense dramas that occurred in the artist’s life: the death of Michael in 2009 and that of her husband in 2010. The emotional depth of the resulting images is nothing if not intense. And the truncation of the artist’s own face is both symbolic and deliberate, for as she explains “I am not whole any more… these photos are my heart slept on glazed paper.”

Love U Sev currently lives and works in Paris, France.



Read More: http://www.mjworld.net/news/2014/10/10/mj-features-in-illumination-an-exhibition-of-fine-art-photography/

Quelle: Agora Gallery & MJWN / MJ-Upbeat.com
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