Michael Jackson Bronze

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Michael Jackson Bronze

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 12. Jul 2011, 19:59

These photos were taken in December 2010 in Addenbrooke park, Lakewood, Colorado USA. This bronze, by Loveland artist, Jane DeDecker, age 45, was commissioned by Micahel Jackson eighteen years ago. It depicts Jackson as a young boy surrounded by his friends including Macaulay Culkin, gary Coleman, his sister, Janet Jackson, his niece, Brandi Jackson, and filmaker friend Brett Ratner. The other children in the bronze are friends of DeDecker‘s.

She met Michael Jackson at an arts festival in Los Angeles in 1992. She had a booth on Santa Monica Boulevard, and he stopped to admire her work. Within ten minutes they were surrounded by fans, and Jackson fled. The next day he returned in disguise, bought two pieces, and visited with DeDecker for nearly an hour. After that meeting, he commissioned her to make this piece, "snapshot," a candid scene of Jackson and his friends. He sent her photographs for the work, pictures that she still has.

DeDecker put a baseball glove on Jackson‘s left hand which delighted him. The original work is in Jackson‘s Neverland sculpture garden. The bronze in Lakewood is a copy purchased by the city of Lakewood in 1994 as its first piece of public art. At the time of purchase, Kathy Berls, who was president of the Lakewood Arts Council when it chose the work, said Lakewood officials had no idea who the persons the sculpture featured.

Characters in the sculpture, from the left: Gary Coleman holding a camera; a friend of the sculptor‘s; Brandi Jackson, Michael‘s niece; Janet Jackson, Michael‘s sister, standing; Macaulay Culkin; Michael Jackson; and Brett Ratner, a filmaker friend of Jackson‘s, drinking a Coke.

This information is courtesy of The Denver Post, Tuesday, June 30, 2009, Section "Denver & the West," page 3B, written by Bill Husted, Denver Post Columnist.

Die Bilder dazu kann man sich hier ansehen:
Quelle: http://www.barthworks.com/non%20fiction/mjacksonbronze.htm
Remember MJ
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Re: Michael Jackson Bronze

Beitragvon Mjj forever » 14. Jul 2011, 12:40

die Bilder sind ja wunderschön.
Nur leider steht das Kunstwerk etwas weit weg... sehenswert finde ich es schon.

Viele Grüße
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