Michael & Whitney Duet?

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Michael & Whitney Duet?

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 25. Mai 2015, 16:40

Michael & Whitney Duet?
May 25, 2015 • By Admin Team

michael-whitneyIt’s long been known that a Michael & Whitney duet exists. Following the global disappointment of I Just Can’t Stop Loving You not featuring Whitney (despite being Michael’s first choice), the hunger for a duet between these two vocal titans has been long over due. Around 2007, when both Whitney and Michael were working on comeback tracks, reports surfaced that our prayers had in fact been answered and Michael and Whitney had reportedly hit the studio to record a single ‘Days of the Broken Hearted.’ Around this time, both were working with Akon, Michael on ‘Hold My Hand’ and Whitney on ‘Like I Never Left’.

In the years that followed, nothing came of the track and today both artists are no longer with us.

However 2 days ago, a fan reached out to Sony Legacy on Twitter to ask about the duet. Sony Legacy are responsible for all the catalogue releases of artists on the labels under Sony (hence the ‘legacy’ part).

michael jackson fans want #DaysOfTheBrokenHeartedAsASingle
— applehead tho. (@dlovatosvoice) May 22, 2015

And Legacy’s response?

@dlovatosvoice how about we trend
#DaysOfTheBrokenHeartedAsASingle worldwide …
— Legacy Recordings (@SonyLegacyRecs) May 22, 2015

Now that’s not to say anything will come of it, but very interesting that a) they should respond and b) they called for a public response by getting the track trending.

We’ll keep you updated on developments, but from a personal stand point how amazing would this duet be?! It’s a sure fire Number ONE hit and would be a beautiful tribute to the two legends who now watch over us…

Let’s get that trend going – #Daysofthebrokenheartedasasingle

…Although, there probably won’t be many characters left for you to tweet anything else.

Quelle: http://www.mjvibe.com/michael-whitney-duet/

freie Übersetzung:
Michael wollte mit Whitney, I just can stop loving you aufnehmen, woraus wie wir ja wissen, leider nichts wurde. Aber Michael schien nicht locker zu lassen und so kam 2007 heraus, dass sie doch einen Song gemeinsam aufgenommen haben : Days of the Broken Hearted.
Viele hofften auf eine Veröffentlichung. Aber bisher wurde nichts daraus.
Vor 2 Tagen hat ein Fan davon getwittert. Von Sony Lagacy kam dann prompt die Antwort. Man könnte sagen, dass damit eine Art Trend auf Twitter entstand, die Veröffentlichung anzuheizen. Ob dies allerdings entwas nutzt bleibt abzuwarten.
Auf Twitter ist man jedenfalls der Meinung, es könnte ein Nummer 1 Hit werden. Vor allem, weil beide nicht mehr unter uns weilen
Remember MJ
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Re: Michael & Whitney Duet?

Beitragvon Gabi-Maus » 27. Mai 2015, 21:59

:winki_22: Ja warum nicht .....fände ich toll. :ggg55: :0337rainbow:
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Re: Michael & Whitney Duet?

Beitragvon My Angel » 29. Mai 2015, 20:21

My Angel
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