What Michael Jackson was planning to do next

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What Michael Jackson was planning to do next

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 2. Nov 2011, 22:56

What Michael Jackson was planning to do next: children's album, cowboy film

We learned today that Dr. Conrad Murray will not take the stand in his own defense, and tonight, two members of Michael Jackson's inner circle, choreographer Lavelle Smith and supervising music editor for "This Is It," Michael Prince, are guests on "Piers Morgan Tonight." They give insight into what Jackson was planning next in his career before he died. "He wanted to do a modern musical on the life of Legs Diamond," said Prince. He had another idea about an innovative way to put out a new album: "While we were on tour, maybe a single every eight weeks, and then once you had ten out, you had two new songs, and you had a record."

Also on tap: a cowboy film, children's album and a classical album. Find out more from Smith and Prince during their interview 9pmET/PT. Also on the show: Jaycee Dugard's mother Terry Probyn

Das Interview könnt Ihr hier hören:

Quelle: piersmorgen.blogs.cnn
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