'I will be magic' Michael Jackson's secret letters

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'I will be magic' Michael Jackson's secret letters

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 21. Feb 2016, 20:29

'I will be magic' Michael Jackson's secret letters unearthed in BBC documentary


A SECRET letter written by Michael Jackson, promising to re-invent himself as the greatest entertainer of all time, has been unveiled in a new documentary.

In the letter, the singer talks about changing himself from his Jackson 5 days and says he wants a “whole new look” and “should be a totally different person”.
The handwritten note to himself was penned the same year he released his debut studio solo album Off The Wall in 1979.
Earlier he had reached the top of the charts singing alongside his brothers.
The letter features in the documentary Michael Jackson’s Journey From Motown To Off The Wall, directed by acclaimed film maker Spike Lee, which will be shown on BBC Two on Saturday March 12.

In it the performer writes: “MJ will be my new name. No more Michael Jackson.
I want a whole new character, a whole new look. I should be a totally different person.
People should never think of me as the kid who sang ABC, I Want You Back. I should be a new incredible actor, singer, dancer that will shock the world.
I will do no interviews, I will be magic, I will be a perfectionist, a researcher, a trainer, a master. I will be better than every great actor roped in one. I must have the most incredible training system. To dig and dig and dig until I find. I will study and look back on the whole world of entertainment and perfect it. Take it steps further than where the greatest left off.”

The letter, dated November 6, 1979, was written while he completed the Destiny tour with his brothers and its contents form part of the film, which is also available as part of an exclusive new edition of Off The Wall which will be released later this week.
The film captures the story of the child star who went on to be the self-proclaimed king of pop, dying aged 50 in 2009.
The story also features interviews with his parents, brothers, and fellow musicians as well as archive footage of dancers Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Rat Pack star Sammy Davis Junior speaking about the young Michael Jackson learning from their styles.
Jackson ended up being as good as his word, becoming the world’s biggest pop star by the time of his second solo album, Thriller.

With up to 110 million copies sold, it remains the best-selling album of all time and won eight Grammy awards.
His other albums, including Off The Wall, Bad and Dangerous, also sold millions of copies.
Jackson also famously changed his appearance dramatically in the ’80s, fuelling rumours of extensive cosmetic surgery.
His skin tone became lighter and the singer revealed he had been diagnosed with skin disorder vitiligo.

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