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von Blackpearl
Michael Jackson‘s killer doctor has been prescribed the ultimate bad pill – his dreams of making big bucks on a UK reality show have been dashed. Conrad Murray was hoping to cash in on his terminal time with Michael Jackson for the ITV prime-time reality series, I’m A Celebrity. Insiders say that MJ’s son Prince had a huge impact on the producers’ decision to walk away from a deal allowing Murray to cash in on his killing of the King Of Pop.

After holding initial early talks, the producers passed on Murray – who is understood to have wanted as much as $300k. Publicly the channel then took the unprecedented step of saying they “never approached this man,” but his PR insisted conversations had taken place.
The desperate doctor, 63, was convicted of manslaughter and banned from practicing after injecting a fatal dose of anesthesia Propofol into Jackson in June 2009. He, through his reps, has tried to push himself into TV entertainment to make money on the back of his crime.
However, insiders say that ITV has “deep-seated concerns paying a felon and killer” as well as “legal issues.” Insiders say that one potential celebrity camp mate also vowed to stage a “mass walk out” if Murray joined the show.

A well-placed source said:

“Murray was a consideration for the show at one stage, but the team suddenly realized that Murray’s inclusion would be a nightmare. Firstly they knew Prince and the Jacksons were not going to stop in their drive to condemn them for doing this. And they suddenly understood that reading Murray’s books showed that he felt he was innocent. On top of that some of the claims that he faced making would leave them legally exposed. And of course the issue would be that other celebrities may stage a mutiny at the notion of being on a show with a killer – and that would be a disaster for business.”
The source added: “One of the celebrities had also told producers that they would not share the screen with Murray as they were so angered by his behavior and comments on Michael in his book. They have vowed to stage walk out against him – and that would be disastrous. Murray simply saw the show as a way to make lots of money and push his agenda to the world. But that has been taken away from him. He has pushed hard to make them take him.”

A few weeks ago Prince tried to derail former physician Murray’s bid to appear on the show. He and other family members lobbied the network ITV to drop their plans to feature Murray on the show.

Murray’s publicist Max Markson had confirmed in July that Murray was “talking to the show’s producers about having Conrad in the jungle. ”



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von Remember MJ
Oh das tut mir jetzt aber leid :jc_doubleup: :yahoo: :88n: :boys_lol: