Copyright-Klage wegen Chicago

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Copyright-Klage wegen Chicago

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 26. Sep 2014, 20:11

Ein gewisser Earl Swanson hat eine Copyright-Klage gegen MJJ Producitons, Sony Music, Cory Rooney und Timbaland eingereicht behauptend, dass Chicago eine Akupferung seines Songs "Come Home On the Move" aus dem Jahre 2002 ist. Immerhin taucht diesmal der tote Michael Jackson nicht als Beklagter auf. BTW wurde Chicago doch 1999 aufgenomen.

(CN) - A song on the posthumous Michael Jackson album "Xscape" ripped off a musician's 2002 song, according to a lawsuit in Federal Court in Los Angeles.Sidney Earl Swanson filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against MJJ Productions, Sony Music Holdings, songwriter Cory Rooney and producer Timbaland (whose real name is Timothy Zachery Mosley).
In May, MJJ released a posthumous compilation of unreleased songs by Michael Jackson, called "Xscape."The second track, "Chicago," was written by Cory Rooney and produced by several people, including Timbaland.Swanson claims "Chicago" rips off his 2002 song "Come Home On the Move."
"Defendants copied and incorporated substantial, original portions of the infringed composition in ["Chicago"]," the complaint states.
Swanson seeks damages and an injunction prohibiting the defendants from continuing to sell the song. He is represented by Louis Willacy in Oakland.
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