‘MJ Ditched Disguise So Fans Would Think He Was FAKE’ 3T On

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‘MJ Ditched Disguise So Fans Would Think He Was FAKE’ 3T On

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 21. Mai 2014, 20:49

But when you’re an A-lister, you might just have to consider your outfit too – especially if you happen to be the world’s most famous mega-star.

Reflecting on the notoriety of Michael Jackson, his nephews 3T remember their uncle with humour and humility, sharing a funny anecdote about attempting to live a normal life with the chart-topper.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Taj explained: “Uncle Michael always told us to enjoy the anonymous moments because it wasn’t something he was able to do, like go to the grocery store.

“We tried it once, it didn’t go well. I remember because he always wore disguises, we were convinced that if he didn’t wear one, people would think it wasn’t him.

“I really convinced him that if people thought he looked like Michael Jackson, they’d think it was an impersonator [and wouldn't approach him].

“So we went to this mall, The Galleria, and we lasted about 30 seconds. So no, it didn’t work out. I was completely wrong. We didn’t try that one again.”

As we settle into the interview, the brothers bounce off one another, smooth as melted chocolate but with an intriguing charm both mystical and boy-next-door.

Giggly with tiredness – after Taj went AWOL last night until 2am – the boys playfully bicker as they explain they “nearly dialled the British police” to find their missing bro.

Taj insists he wasn’t drunk or dancing on tables, revealing: “I wish it was that juicy. I was just with fans, the ones we see over and over.”

Despite promoting their own return to the spotlight on The Big Reunion Tour in October, the trio happily treasure MJ rather than steer the conversation around to themselves.

Chatting about growing up in the spotlight, TJ said: “We were always around our uncles and father, so we saw a lot of hysteria. Whatever success we had it was never too much compared to them.

“My earliest memory is doing music and rehearsing with my brothers. My uncles and father kept it real light with us, they didn’t put added pressure on us.”

Taj continued: “It’s all we know. We always watched how they handled it, you grow up as kids and try to emulate your parents.

“Our dad is a very down-to-earth person so it’s how we turned out, I hope. As an artist I put pressure on myself. I was very strict because of the dynasty of the family.

“I didn’t enjoy the ride like I should have. This time I’m really sitting back to enjoy it. Back then it was all about chart positions, we’d be No2 and I’d want to be No1, but I was like that with baseball too.”

Taryll – “the most responsible one” – mused: “I don’t think we ever really realised how big our family is. We know it’s big, but I’m not sure we’ll ever get just how big.”

He continued: “Working with Michael was always a learning experience, anytime we were with our uncle we had great fun and laughs.”

Feeding off one another, Taj – “the visual one” – chipped in: “He recorded I Need You with us and did it in one take which was the most amazing thing.

“He’d come from a recording session of his own and had been doing a rock song, so if you listen to his voice it’s very scratchy and he apologised.

“He felt like he didn’t give it his best, but it was incredible. And that’s what you hear on the record.”

Taryll added: “The best piece of advice he gave was to enjoy life, to stop and look around, the sunset, the simple things, slow down, the beauty.”

As TJ – “the brainy one” – confided: “For me, it was to give back. You have all this knowledge, but you have to give back to the world, that was part of him. He really believed in that.”

Read More:http://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/379749/Michael-Jackson-ditched-disguise-pretending-to-be-impersonator-3T-Big-Reunion-interview

Quelle: dailystar / 3T / Nadia Mendoza / MJ-Upbeat.com
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