MJ Drummer Jonathan Moffett To Perform This IsIt Songs

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MJ Drummer Jonathan Moffett To Perform This IsIt Songs

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 24. Sep 2010, 21:41

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jackson Drummer Jonathan Moffett To Perform This Is It Songs At AIMS

Next weekend, the Australian International Music Show (AIMS) will include a world exclusive. Michael Jackson’s drummer Jonathan Moffett will host a drum clinic and perform 10 songs that he would have played had Michael not died and the ‘This Is It’ show had gone ahead.
Moffett, who has also played with Madonna, Elton John, George Michael and Diana Ross, will feature the songs during his drum clinic at the Melbourne Convention Centre on Sunday, October 3rd.
He will also talk about his technique and take questions from the audience.
“I’ve been doing drum clinics since 1987,” Jonathan tells Undercover News. “Since Michael’s passing I always felt I wanted to honour him somehow. When I was contacted by AIMS I thought this would be a great way to pay tribute to Michael”.
The 10 songs he will use are all songs that he would have performed for the ‘This Is It’ tour. “I will be doing the arrangements as I would have done them live,” he says.
Jonathan Moffett worked with Michael Jackson for more than 30 years. “He tells us his career went “far beyond what a little boy dreamed of when he picked up two drumsticks”.
He also says there is a lot of activity coming up for Michael Jackson fans. “There is the rumour that the ‘This Is It’ tour will still go ahead with the musicians and dancers that would have been on the tour and with the original sets but with guest singers for each song,” he says.
He also says we can look forward to a new Michael Jackson album in November featuring “the unreleased songs he was working on plus outtakes from earlier records.”
There is also talk of additional songs from ‘This Is It’ that were not in the movie coming out. “’Dangerous’ wasn’t in the film,” he says. “We rehearsed that. There was also the 80s medley featuring ‘Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough’, ‘Off The Wall’ and ‘Rock With You’ that wasn’t in the film.”
Despite his time with Michael as a live drummer, he says he never got to work with him on any of his albums. “I did play drums on ‘I Want Muscles’, the Diana Ross hit,” he says. “That is me you hear”.
The event will also feature the Fender Super Jam fronted from The Living End’s Chris Cheney, showcases from Michael Paynter, Paris Wells, Dan Kelly and Bertie Blackman and workshops with Jeff Martin from The Tea Party and Bruce Kulick from Kiss.
The first Australian International Music show is on October 2 and 3 at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

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