News Of The World closed down, which tabloid is next?

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News Of The World closed down, which tabloid is next?

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 15. Jul 2011, 17:45

News Of The World was the oldest tabloid newspaper in the world.
They have mistreated Michael so many times, wrote lies about him and tried to harm his career.
Until last Sunday it appeared tabloids can do whatever they want without having to face any consequences.

In the United Kingdom the owner of News Of The World is in a very difficult position
after it became known that NOTW was involved in an phone hacking scandal.
James Murdoch finally decided to announce that he was closing down the tabloid.
Last Sunday, July 8th, the last issue of News Of The World was published.

News Of The World is accused of corruption and illegal phone hacking.
On the photo above you can see Andy Coulson as he has been bailed
after being questioned by the police over phone hacking and allegations of corruption.

The world has healed little bit. Which tabloid is next?

Remember MJ
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