The 25 Best Motown Tracks

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The 25 Best Motown Tracks

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 12. Jan 2012, 21:15

It was 53 years ago today that Berry Gordy borrowed $800 from some relatives and founded Tamla Records, a small Detroit label that would eventually lead to Motown Records.

We’re so thankful that his family was able to spot him the cash, because without Motown, the musical landscape as we know it today wouldn’t be the same. To honor the legendary label, we’re counting down 25 of its essential tracks. Grab some pals, don some matching suits, dust off your finest choreography and check ’em out below.

But first, a few ground rules: 1. These are all songs that were actually released by Motown Records—similar-sounding artists on labels like Atlantic, Chess, Stax and Phillies Records, while fabulous in their own right, don’t count. 2. We tried to limit ourselves to no more than four songs per artist. Sorry if your favorite Marvin Gaye track didn’t make the cut; be sure to let us know what we left out in the comments section below.

Die einzelnen Lieder und Videos kann man hier ansehen:
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