Laila Enoksen war 1997 bei Michael auf der Bühne

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Laila Enoksen war 1997 bei Michael auf der Bühne

Beitragvon Blackpearl » 11. Sep 2013, 13:42

HIStory Tour set list ~ featured song "You Are Not Alone" and another story from Laila Enoksen who was chosen to appear on stage with Michael when he sang the song at a concert in Oslo. ~

I Danced with Michael Jackson ~ [Edited and Translated from Article] The then 16-year-old Laila Enoksen had an experience she will never forget. She was in fact pulled up on stage and
danced with pop king in front of the 35,000 in Oslo. I screamed and cried as I hugged him. It has not yet dawned on me what really happened on the scene, but here are the pictures that show that it's me, told an excited and happy 16-year-old to VG next day.
She was selected by the security guards and carried to the stage when Jackson performed "You are not alone." But the incredible experience was not quite it. It was at the end of the song when in fact Michael Jackson got down on his knees next to Laila.

The girl from the region had been a fan since she was a child and had spent all the savings on what must have been an experience of a lifetime. As children we burst into tears when we heard or saw [Michael] Jackson. Therefore, we have used all our time to save money and our vacation, she told VG."

When she married in late May, she entertained her guests at the special show. - I danced for the song "Smooth Criminal". I met my husband, Ole Magnus, while I danced for Michael. Therefore it was appropriate to do it again, this time in my own wedding. It shows that Michael will always be with me.
[Edited and translated From another article] : I was almost in shock, but still remember what an amazing experience it was, says Laila Bertelsen about dancing with Jackson at Valle Hovin in Oslo in 1997.They hugged each other several times while they danced to the song "You are not alone." Jackson also got down on his knees beside her.

- I have no words. It was too big for a 16-year-old. My heart beat like never before, says Laila to the AP today. Laila did not notice that she was on stage with Jackson. A guard threw her over his shoulder, ran to the scene and urged her to "run for it. - I was in shock, but did what I was told. Even today I can barely understand what happened, she says.

Laila was a Jackson fan from 4 years of age. As a child she spent numerous hours in front of the mirror, where she mimicked the pop king's famous moonwalk. She has also been a member of the fan club for years. - In addition, I have all CDs. My Favorite song is of course, "You Are Not Alone." It goes without saying.

Laila is not as obsessed with Jackson today, but acknowledges that she received the news that he had died with grief. - It feels like I've lost a friend. He was a big part of my life. He has been a big part of me. I have always admired him.

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