“Nigerian Girl” – A twist to “Liberian Girl”

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“Nigerian Girl” – A twist to “Liberian Girl”

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 13. Okt 2016, 20:59

“Nigerian Girl” – A twist to “Liberian Girl”


Nigeria is famous for its music in Africa and they do love Michael Jackson!

Here is a great version of “Liberian Girl” renamed “Nigerian Girl”. The tempo and melody are exactly the same with a twist and a rap! It is a pretty good one to be honest!

Kayos K the former Texas Southern University student, is an Actor who briefly appears in Nollywood movie (“Randy in Houston” by Director/ Producer Prince C. Danian) and also in the Houston street Film “Muscle the Movie” by Director Squrilla Montana of Grade A Media).

The first proper singles are the more up tempo “Wahala Dey” and “Nigerian Girl” which is a remake of the late great Michael Jackson’s “Liberian Girl” with a Naija twist. Kayos recorded these songs in Houston alongside Houston based Naija R&B singer, Eno Will and their Single release party will be held this coming weekend in Houston, Texas.

Have a listen:
http://img.userboard.org/uploads/ghosts ... irl%20.mp3

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