14-year-old:Akai “Michael Jackson had a massive impact on my

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14-year-old:Akai “Michael Jackson had a massive impact on my

Beitragvon Remember MJ » 2. Nov 2013, 21:45

14-year-old: Akai “Michael Jackson had a massive impact on my life”.


WITH HIS cute, dimpled smile, trademark canrowed hair and moves to make Michael Jackson proud, Akai Osei is perhaps one of the most famous young dancers in the UK.

The 14-year-old first came to our attention aged 10 with his street dance skills on Sky1‘s Got To Dance and subsequently stole the nation’s heart with his jaw-dropping moves and baby-faced appeal.

The public voted him through to the dance-off, where he was up against groups The Box and Jukebox Juniors. After a tense, nail-biting final, Osei scooped the first place position, gaining three gold stars from the judges after two flawless performances.

With a prize fund of £100,000, Osei also gained the kudos of being crowned one of the UK’s best dance acts. Reminiscing on his big break, the talented teen, who bought his first mobile phone from his winnings, said: “Remembering the moment I won still seems out of this world. I didn’t think I would win.

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